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Five Thousand Miles international business services enables companies to grow fast by expanding internationally. We identify business opportunities all over the world and then match these opportunities with our clients and partners. Our know-how about business in international markets, coupled with our installed infrastructure, including local offices and teams, enable us to have the ultimate efficiency in business development projects and business trips. We invest in global infrastructure to operate business ventures remotely. This means clients who partner with us don’t have to visit the target market as our teams operate locally for them.

These resources in 4 continents – 6 companies, 7 offices and a team with almost 50 members in 7 countries – result from a continued relevant investment from Five Thousand Miles and together materialize a business development infrastructure that Five Thousand Miles offers as a service provider to its clients. Naturally, the use of these resources by our clients doesn’t have guaranteed results and it’s not expected that most of potential commercial contacts will result in business transactions.

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What we do

Market Research

We have access to multiple information sources, both digital and contacts on the field, to identify and analyze business opportunities.

Digital content generation

We are capable to produce videos, animations and photos tailored for your institutional and products communication e.g. websites, social media, catalogues, etc.


We are able to raise awareness of your brand and your products/ services via cold calling and broadcasting of digital content generating commercial leads including inbound contacts.

Scheduling of Meetings

We work for you in the field identifying key stakeholders e.g. importers and distributors and qualifying their fit for a business transaction with our partners in order to schedule a qualified business meeting with our partner.

Business trips

We take you to the target market including all logistics, hospitality, leisure and business support to advance closing commercial negotiations.

Commercial follow up

We train our local business development team to continue to sell your products even when you are not in the market.

What we do


All services are included in our two types of business packages: Business Development Projects and Business Trips.


Five Thousand Miles selects its best resources to promote companies in the field and via videoconference, close to potential clients in order to guarantee that the pre-sale is successfully completed. A Business Development Project allows companies to have access to Five Thousand Miles’ local teams and infrastructure, which facilitate contacts and meetings with validated buyers, distributors and importers.


Five Thousand Miles prepares the best business trips with pre-scheduled local and videoconference meetings with experts and potential clients in the target markets with premium support from our team at all times. A Business Trip includes all the transportation in the target markets, accommodation at a five-star hotel, as well as exclusive local leisure activities.


Five Thousand Miles is known by its core globalization services. We’re also known by our social networks communication and community with more than 250 thousand followers. That communication practice is being adopted, as a service, by our clients. That’s why we decided to launch a new brand – 5C – that develops and expands our competences and services offer beyond globalization services.

#5C is our new brand and new organizational division, with its own dedicated resources and team, to address new challenges that we’re passionate about.

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