Our new 5C division

Five Thousand Miles has created a new organizational division 5C to address new challenges




The communications team of Five Thousand Miles enable us to help our clients modernize their digital presence and grow their business. Our communications team helped companies modernize their communication practices, tools and skills.

In fact, Five Thousand Miles #Communications produced the following for its clients

  • Corporate brand from scratch;
  • Corporate institutional videos;
  • Product portfolio catalogs;
  • Digital design animations;
  • Digital design illustrations;
  • Professional institutional and product photographs.


Five Thousand Miles #5C has been producing digital content in three continents. In fact, our team has filmed and photographed in the following locations:

  • Brazil – Goiás, Minas Gerais, Paraná, Santa Catarina and São Paulo
  • Ghana – Accra
  • Germany – Frankfurt
  • Nigeria – Abuja and Lagos
  • Portugal – all over the country
  • South Africa – Durban and Johannesburg
  • Spain – Donostia – San Sebastian

We’re able to support your digital #communication, with content production, anywhere in Africa, Europe and South America.


We at Five Thousand Miles, since our foundation, have invested in corporate media including building a professional internal communications team, with experienced team members and the best equipment. In turn, this has allowed us to produce impactful content that has led to more than 200 thousand followers, millions of views, and intercontinental brand awareness.

This capacity building and experience is also at your service. The world is changing.