29th of June 2020

Five Thousand Miles Infrastructure

Five Thousand Miles (5TM) invests in business development infrastructure in various countries and makes that infrastructure available to its clients. In fact, Five Thousand Miles only promotes projects in countries in which it proactively invested in the first place.


Five Thousand Miles’ offices are physical spaces with local teams trained in Portugal, equipped with the most recent technology, fluent in the local languages, French, English and Portuguese. Today, Five Thousand Miles has 4 offices:

  • Headquarters in Portugal, Lisbon

  • Offices in South Africa, Durban and Johannesburg

  • Office in Nigeria, Lagos

  • Office in Brazil, São Paulo


In order to widen the scope of action of its offices, Five Thousand Miles recruited representatives in the following countries: Germany, Angola, Cameroon, Ghana and Egypt.

These representatives are local executives, trained by the Portuguese team, with a high level of know-how of the entrepreneurial ecosystem of its country and capacity to develop business.


Five Thousand Miles has a team with 30 members of 6 nationalities in the permanent board of human resources, which work at company’s offices. This central team is complemented by ~30 field operatives who work in freelance regime in various countries.

Every office has team members who speak Portuguese fluently, enabling an obstacle-free communication with Brazilian and Portuguese partners. Every office also has team members trained by Five Thousand Miles in Portugal, and therefore, exposed to the European culture.

All of the subsidiary offices are regularly visited by the Portuguese team, enabling an operative model and a consistent identity of brand and values between countries.

Telecommunication processes

Five Thousand Miles invested significatively in technology and telecommunication processes with the objective of building and managing relations in any point of the planet. This investment has two main pillars – (1) mass B2C communication via social media and (2) B2B communication through professional technological platforms.

1. Mass B2C communication via social media

Since it was founded, Five Thousand Miles invested in maximizing the transparency and exposure in social media, allowing clients, suppliers and team members – current and potential – to get to know the company at its highest level.

This communication effort results in the creation of communities in social media with relevant dimension:

  • More than 20 thousand followers on Linkedin;

  • More than 100 thousand followers on Instagram;

  • More than 20 thousand followers on YouTube;

  • More than 10 thousand followers on Facebook;

  • More than 16 thousand followers on Twitter.

2. Communication B2B through professional technological platforms

  • Capacity to contact high-level executives from dozens of thousands of companies;

  • Mobile application specifically designed to support intercontinental project management;

  • Capacity to support more than 3000 phone calls per week;

  • Capacity to hold more than 200 business development meetings per month;

    Capacity to develop catalogs, brochures, landing pages, institutional videos and other image

elements to promote individuals or companies for the abovementioned markets, using an internal media team equipped with cameras, drones, computers and professional softwares.

These resources – offices, representatives, team, and processes – result from a continued relevant investment from Five Thousand Miles and together materialize a business development infrastructure that Five Thousand Miles offers as a service provider to its clients and partners.

Naturally, the use of these resources by our clients doesn’t have guaranteed results. Five Thousand Miles guarantees that, through these resources, its partners will have contact with potential clients in the target markets, but it can’t guarantee that such contacts will result in business transactions.

In particular, Five Thousand Miles doesn’t guarantee:

  • That the products or services of its partners are competitive in quality and price in the target


  • Demand for the products or services of its partners in any given time;

  • That is possible to have business transactions in a short period of time – in fact, it’s normal that

    B2B international business transactions require a commercial cycle of over 9 months, and most

    of Five Thousand Miles’ short-term projects didn’t result in sales;

  • That its partners have commercial skills – languages, websites, brochures, availability to travel –

    adequate to the target markets;

  • That the success of previous partnerships, including those documented with published

    testimonials, will be replicated in new partnerships. Previous success doesn’t promise future


  • That the probability of any partnership resulting in sales is, at an initial moment, above 20%. In

    fact, the commercial success is highly dependent of human relations that have to be developed between our partner and its potential clients in the target markets.

Five Thousand Miles infrastructure was implemented to facilitate exposure to international markets, offering an important support to the commercial process:

    • Support from an experienced operations team involved in internationalization processes of various companies, from various economic sectors, in various countries;

    • Support from a native team from the target market with a high-level of know-how of the culture and business processes of its country;

    • Capacity to communicate in Portuguese in any of the countries in which Five Thousand Miles has offices;

    • Direct communication between the partner and key-people – for instance, importers, distributors, retailers – in the target markets, through both videoconference and in-loco meetings. This direct communication enables obtaining information about the target markets not edited or intermediated by Five Thousand Miles;

    • Support in the field to hold meetings and visits with total flexibility to talk with persons suggested by Five Thousand Miles and with any other persons that the partner finds relevant and proactively schedules meetings. Five Thousand Miles resources – offices, cars and executives – are available to its partners in order for them to directly collect information in the field with any source they deem relevant. In fact, Five Thousand Miles strongly recommends its partners to travel to the target markets so they can see, hear, collect and directly analyze information and communicate personally with local protagonists.

Operations Executive

Lisboa | Full Time

Descrição do trabalho:

Enquanto Operations Executive / Gestor de Projeto, as funções passam pela implementação e desenvolvimento do Comité de Qualidade de Serviço e participação em reuniões e formações com os nossos parceiros. Os candidatos deverão possuir os seguintes requisitos:

  • Excelente capacidade de comunicação oral e escrita
  • Domínio avançado de inglês;
  • Domínio de francês (preferencial);
  • Domínio MS Office
  • Carta de Condução
  • Disponibilidade para viajar

Outbound Sales Executive

Lisboa | Full Time

Descrição do trabalho:

Enquanto Sales Executive, as funções passam pela identificação de potenciais clientes e parceiros de negócios e contacto regular com a elite empresarial. Os candidatos deverão possuir os seguintes requisitos: 

  • Gosto pela atividade comercial, com forte interesse em fechar negócios;
  • Personalidade extrovertida e facilidade em estabelecer contactos; 
  • Elevada ambição profissional e financeira; 
  • Elevada energia e proatividade; 
  • Conhecimentos de MS Office na ótica do utilizador;