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"For the first time we were able to export, sell, our first container to Nigeria, with the support of Five Thousand Miles. We have just closed a container and it was only possible to complete the deal, with the help of Five Thousand Miles. This entire bureaucratic process of registering the product with the NAFDAC body in Nigeria would have been extremely difficult or even impossible, if it weren't for the help from Five Thousand Miles, so we are very happy with this partnership and we hope they can help us in other markets as well."

Lígia Pode - CEO of Ovargado S.A. & José Castro - Head of Sales at Overgado S.A.
OVARGADO, S.A. is a company with decades of expertise in the area of animal feed. With over 30 years’ experience in the animal food sector, ovg represents an heathy diet assured by a balanced and nutricious animal food formula it produces.

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