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“We made a sale, the sale was made to the Spanish market. This sale would not have been possible without the partnership of Five Thousand Miles, with the tools that they made available to us and the leads they worked on. With their business prospection, they allowed us to bring the customer closer to Suffa and we were successful. We are convinced that this partnership will bring many sales, synonymous with the feeling we now have, especially in the South African market, where contacts have been more aligned. We are certain that in a short time, this will be synonymous with sales and business. We want to thank Five Thousand Miles for all the time they've given us. We are certain that this is the path to success.”

SUFFA is a company that has proven itself in the furniture business, with the stamp of Portuguese quality. With experience and the use of high-quality materials combined with the latest technology, we create premium sofas, which besides being beautiful, are resistant and comfortable. Everything is tailored to your needs, everything is customizable.

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