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"It's the reality, Portuguese companies need to showcase themselves to the world because we are a small country in terms of population. Portuguese products are of high quality. I believe it's increasingly important to make ourselves known because I believe that anyone who tries will be successful. I got to know Five Thousand Miles through their social media, and I had already heard great feedback about them. I feel that it wouldn't have been possible to make this sale on our own because I think the Nigerian market was still very distant from our eyes, and in that sense, Five Thousand Miles was a tremendous support. I would highly recommend Five Thousand Miles to other companies (...); they have been true partners, truly fantastic."

Founded in 2007 in Guimarães, located in the northern region of Portugal, Jocasori Têxteis Unipessoal, Lda was established with the goal of providing a diverse range of home textiles. Their mission is to consistently offer a wide variety of products featuring contemporary designs and fast-selling items. They place a strong emphasis on packaging design, recognizing its significance for the customers. Jocasori Têxteis Unipessoal, Lda prides itself on their competitive pricing, extensive experience with hypermarkets, and a prompt delivery service.

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