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Brazilian company closes partner on the second day

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"We had good sales here, in two days of travel we prospected and closed with a very important client, and then we got one of the best partners to develop the beverage market that we could find in Nigeria. We have there a perspective of selling in Nigeria in the near future something around three or four million dollars a year. I am very happy, we closed deals, we were very well assisted, and I recommend Five Thousand Miles."

Blue Beverages is a beverage industry founded in 2002, in the city of Tatuí, in the coutryside of São Paulo. The company was the first brazilian industry of manufacture energy drinks in 250-ml slim cans. Blue Beverages produces the energy drink v!be, a drink with a stimulant effect, 100% national, which combines ingredients that help your body and mind to have even more energy for the day to day.

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