There is a group of people obsessed with their own path, free, without rules, leading them to extraordinary results. These people are often misunderstood, socially excluded, and classified as eccentrics, crazy people, radicals… fanatics!
For Five Thousand Miles these fanatics are inspiring because they show that absolute creative freedom is a viable path to success. Therefore, we developed the 5Fanatic brand to distinguish and sponsor these people who inspire us.



Joel Barreira is versed in the ancient art of trick shots. Not only limited to throwing cards but also ping-pong balls, CD’s, pencils you name it! Joel has a kind of grinding fanatic syndrome of hitting bullseyes no matter how long it takes. He used to call himself “CEO of Wasting time” when he was just a small content creator on TikTok. Following the advice of Pedro Hipólito, Joel decided to change his bio description to “CEO of Persistence”. Just on TikTok alone Joel has managed to gain more than 2,4 million followers and is now the first official sponsored athlete of the 5Fanatic team. Oh! and he has a pretty sick beard.

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Jaison Arts

Jaison is a young brazilian artist born in Piracuruca in the state of Piauí. At a young age, Jaison started sketching as a hobby and quickly got hooked. Having a strong fanatic drive, we believe Jaison would be able to pull through the vast Amazon Forest with just a pencil and a sheet of paper in his backpack. Hungry for a spotlight, Jaison challenged himself to create works of art for his fans using repetitive words to draw something outstanding. He caught our attention with his resilience, grind, and how he engages with his fans on social media. We invited him to visit our CEO, Pedro Hipólito at our office in São Paulo, and he’s now a 5Fanatic sponsored athlete in Brazil.


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One Championship Fighter

Rui Botelho is a Portuguese Muay Thai champion, carrying on his neck a vast list of medals and achievements in World and European titles. Born into a strict military family, Botelho shaved half of his dreadlocks and kicked his life around in a way that he decided to drop his studies and dedicate himself 110% to martial arts. Having competed in many countries and endured cold water bucket showers in Thailand, Botelho started to gain the attention of sport associations and becoming a One Championship fighter. After being invited to Pedro Hipólito Podcast, talking about his endeavors and discipline, Botelho gained an opportunity to become a 5Fanatic Athlete representing Five Thousand Miles in Thailand.

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